Helping Seniors Become More Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
Our mission is to make life better for the 50-plus population by providing them with modern technology tools they can use in their daily life
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What is Senior Advantage?

Senior Advantage is an online portal that provides various tools that can help you save money, stay informed and live a healthier life.

Senior Advantage customers get access to a deal portal, budgeting tool, 365-day personalized meal plan, educational material and much more.

Our mission is to make life better for the 50-plus population by providing them with modern technology tools they can use in their daily life.


Coupons and Discounts Portal

Find coupons and discounts for most popular stores and start saving money right away! Thousands of deals, online sales, promotions and discounts. Finding amazing deals and saving money has never been easier.


Best Discounts Book: 2020 Digital Edition

Find out which places offer senior or other types of discounts. This digital book contains a big list of discounts available for the year 2020.

Living on a tight budget shouldn’t limit you from enjoying everything the world has to offer. Learn to take full advantage of all available savings. Shop at your favorite shops, dine at great restaurants, and create exciting memories for yourself and your loved ones throughout your sunset years without ruining your budget.


Budgeting Just Got Easy with this tool!

Create a budget, manage money, and track spending on the go with Budgeting Tool. Track your budget from your computer, tablet or smartphone with our budget tool that is helping people manage their finances better!


personalized 365-Day meal plan

Our meal plans use inexpensive ingredients that can help you save money and become more healthy! Here are some possible benefits of eating healthy:

  • checkmark Maintain a healthy weight
  • checkmark Helps to Stay energized
  • checkmark Lowers risk of developing chronic Health Problems
  • checkmark Can Strengthen Heart, muscles and bones
  • checkmark May Lower Blood Pressure
  • checkmark Boosts Immunity
  • checkmark And much more!
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How It Works

  • 1) Enter your name and e-mail to join Senior Advantage
  • 2) Choose the best membership plan for you
  • 3) Start using your membership right away: find discounts and coupons for your favorite stores, download Best Discounts Book: Digital 2020 Edition, get a personalized 365-day meal plan, and much more.

When you sign-up for Senior Advantage, you will get instant access to our members-only website.


What You get When You Join:

  • Access to some of the best savings and health tools
  • Budgeting tool that works anywhere on all your devices
  • Personalized 365-day meal plan
  • Thousands of searchable deals & coupons
  • Best Discounts Book: Digital 2020 Edition
  • Educational material on saving money & health
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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